Meet the People Behind the Plants: Erin & Morgan, founders of House Plant Club

At Horti, we thrive on community. Growing a business is a bit like growing a plant: it takes time, attention and helpful advice from experienced folks we meet along the way who are passionate about what they do. Every day, we get to know incredible individuals working to create vibrant spaces, online and on the ground, and because we think plant-loving people are the best people, we want to share their stories with you.

This month, we collaborated with House Plant Club on a special curated 3-month subscription and got to know HPC's founders, Erin and Morgan. They run arguably the lushest, greenest Instagram account out there, so naturally, we wanted to know more about who they are, what they do behind the scenes (and the leaves), and where their passion for houseplants comes from.  

Tell us where you’re from and what you do!

Erin: I was born in San Luis Obispo, California but moved to Portland, Oregon when I was 3 and have been here ever since. I work for a Pinterest Management Company where I manage Pinterest accounts for multiple bloggers and businesses. I also run the blog and through that, teach plant mounting classes locally.

Morgan: I’m originally from Michigan but I’ve been living in Florida for the past 3 years and it definitely feels like home. Professionally, I work in finance and analytics. On the side, I keep myself busy with plants and pottery.

How did you two meet and what inspired you to start House Plant Club?

Erin: I met Morgan through Instagram. We started following each other and I quickly fell in love with her feed and her plants. She had this adorable plant (Pilea peperomioides) that I wanted SO BAD!! She eventually sent me one from Tampa and I treasure it still, almost two years later!

Our accounts were very young at the time but people would send us photos and ask if we would share them on our accounts. After multiple conversations about what we should do, we came up with House Plant Club. The community for houseplant enthusiasts!

Morgan: Thank goodness I sent Erin a Pilea before anyone else did!

Can you remember what your first house plant was?

Erin: Mine was Albuca bracteata, commonly known as the 'Pregnant Onion Plant.' I loved how their tiny babies would pop up through the soil. It was so rewarding!

Morgan: I had a Pothos cutting growing in water when I was in High School. My mom kept it when I moved away to college and she gave it love over the years. When I moved to Florida, she brought me that same plant and it’s growing now in my dining room.

What roles do each of you play in running the business and maintaining the HPC community?

Erin: We each play equal roles in managing House Plant Club. We both select and post on the HPC feed daily which gives the feed an amazing variety of beautiful plants. Other duties are assigned to one or the other but all decisions are ultimately made by both of us.

Morgan: Erin does all the Slideshow Sunday posts and I do all the community features in stories. I post daily in the morning and Erin does the evening posts. We very rarely select the same photos for potential posts but our styles mesh very well together.


Is it difficult living in different cities, with Erin in Portland and Morgan in Tampa?

Erin: The three hour time difference has Morgan waiting for me to wake up some days...LOL!  And there have definitely been times when I wish she was closer but I think we do an excellent job of managing House Plant Club 2509 miles apart.  

Morgan: We make it work! We are both busy ladies but we find time to communicate daily via DM, text and the occasional shopping trip FaceTime.


Erin, you often share plant care with your two sons. How does keeping an indoor jungle inspire learning with kids?

Erin: They LOVE playing in the dirt, always willing to help me repot or mount a plant. I think the biggest thing though is seeing how their imaginations expand with plants in the house. Army men stomping through the jungle of Monstera plants or playing LEGO hide and seek behind Sansevieria.


Morgan, we know you’re a propagating master! What do you think it is about plant caring & sharing that fosters such vibrant community?

Morgan: We live such commercially-saturated lives. You’ve got to be willing to unplug a bit if you want to foster a green thumb. I think the act of growing a plant and sharing it with friends is rewarding in an old-fashioned way that is often lost in such a tech-savvy population.

Any new HPC projects we should keep an eye out for this year?

Erin: We have new products coming out regularly, so it's fun to collect them all!! But the most exciting thing is our book coming out later on this year!

Morgan: We have so many projects and ideas that it’s hard to decide which thing to take on next! This year will be extra special because of the book but also because of all the other fun things going on like our Horti collab and our House Plant Club merchandise launches!

Follow Erin @cleverbloom and Morgan @plantingpink for a healthy dose of green and to stay updated on all of their planting projects.