Lucid white pot & saucer


Details of pots
- 5" diameter x 5" height
- Ceramic
- drainage hole
- Matte finish, with white glaze at the bottom half




The cardboard palm is sold-out sadly! We'll update the inventory when it becomes available again.

This is a very rare find--a young cardboard palm (Zamia furfuracea). It is actually not a palm, but has similar growth patterns which is why it's referred that way. These ancient plants have a beautiful hard texture that actually feels like touching cardboard, hence the name. They have a thick underground trunk, kinda like the Zamioculcas zamiifolia that can store water, but they are not as draught tolerant as the ZZ. These plants needs moderate to bright light and are fairly low-maintenance. This plant is not pet-friendly.

The plant is paired with two separate pot offerings. First of course is our hand-dipped signature terra-cotta pot and the other is a delicate ceramic pot called Lucid. Lucid pot is also made from clay, and has a delicate matte pastel finish, with a hint of a translucent white glaze at the bottom half.

Details of the combo
- 4" cardboard palm
- 5" lucid pot with saucer or 6" horti terra-cotta pot with saucer

- Care card
- Dehydrated soil pellet is included for all out of nyc orders