4 Mini Succulents

  • 4 Mini Succulents

4 Mini Succulents


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This adorable assortment of minis come as a pack of 4, potted in our signature hand-painted Horti pots.

Succulent comes from the Latin word "sucus," which means juice or sap. It's also a nod to the nourishing leaves that help these plants survive in extremely warm conditions. Succulents are a group of plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. While they do need water to survive, they can endure extended periods of drought.

Care and Maintenance

Over watering is one of the most common ways to kill succulents, but they still need enough water to withstand periods of draught. Give them a lot of light and water them once every 2 weeks. 

If your succulents aren’t getting enough light you’ll notice they will start to stretch, that's a telltale sign that the plant wants to be moved towards the sun.

What you'll recieve

4 assorted succulents potted in 2.5" hand painted pots (pots may have slight water/salt markings on them), along with the care card.

These plants are pet friendly.

Note: These minis are also included in our Hoarder subscription plan where they ship for free. To sign up choose your region here - NYC Area or Rest of the US.