Philo + Watering can

  • Philo + Watering can

Philo + Watering can


After a lot of research, we have combined few of our favorite planting accessories, with a beautiful plant. These combinations are not just aesthetically pleasing but also very functional! This kit includes a stylish/minimalist steel watering can along with a philodendron plant variety.

Aesthete 001 contains
- Philodendron (brasil or similar)
- 6" hand painted terracotta pot and saucer
- Chrome watering can

- Care card
- Dehydrated soil pellet is included for all out of nyc orders

About Philodendron
Often confused with Pothos, this variety is fairly tolerant and easy to care for. They are also a great indoor choice because they remove air-born toxins such as formaldehyde from the air. Avoid direct sunlight and keep the soil moist, but not soggy! This plant is not pet-friendly.