Aesthesia, multi-sensory experience


Aesthesia: a multi-sensory experience by Ashley G. Garner

Horti & ÆSTHESIA will present a one-night only immersive experience of the world of 6 medicinal flowers, (Lavender, Chamomile, Tiger Lily, Marigold, Wild Rose, and Echinacea), creating an environment for viewers to get lost in a world of plants, meditate to their sounds, and smell their natural aromas. A discussion with the artists will open up the evening  as they explain what inspired this work and how they are using it to partner with rehab clinics, cancer hospitals, and more. Surveys will also be passed out to each person to fill out and document their stress levels as they explore the space and see how it is helping them create a more relaxed inner world.


ÆSTHESIA is a multi-sensory body of work that explores the therapeutic benefits of nature through sight, sound, scent, and taste. Can experiencing specific plants on different sensory levels such as sight, sound, scent, and taste, have physiological healing benefits? Do different plants heal us in different ways - such as the sound of Daisies, the sight of an Orchid, or the scent of a Morning Glory? If these different sensory experiences of each plant are combined, what would happen? This is what ÆSTHESIA explores through the lens of different plants, first beginning with six of the most widely used medicinal flowers: Lavender, Chamomile, Tiger Lily, Marigold, Wild Rose, and Echinacea. 

Event details:
Friday, Nov 22, 6pm to 8pm
Horti Play, 70 Eckford Street, Brooklyn