BYOG: Bring Your Own Grandparent // July 27

Bring Your Own Grandparent and Paint!

We are collaborating with gerontology artist Meagan Jain, whose work focuses on redefining, recreating and reimagining how we think about aging through visual arts.

Kids and adults are invited to bring a grandparent* to our plant-filled space in this fun interactive workshop. Choose a plant of your liking, and Meagan will guide you in recreating your plant with paint on canvas. This is a perfect event for people of all ages and artistic abilities. Each pair will leave with a plant, two paintings, and a new experience of creativity and connection.

*Note: Pairs of all kinds (not just familial relationships) are welcome, preferably ones where there is at least a 35 year age gap.

As a painter, my work explores elements of the human experience. My figurative and illustrative work examines what it means to be a woman in contemporary Western culture while my mural work focuses age and growth throughout life by evoking elements from nature. All of my mural work is freehand. I’ve painted in various urban landscapes on the exterior of buildings, cars, bodies by way of tattoos, and interior walls throughout the world.

I endearingly refer to my work as that of a Gerontolartist (Gerontologist + Artist = Gerontolartist). I love connecting people of all ages together to unleash their creative expression through painting. I am also a designer, muralist, and installation artist.

Ticket price is for two individuals and includes:
1. Two canvases to paint on
2. All art supplies
3. One plant
4. One 6" horti hand-painted pot and saucer

Event details:
Saturday, July 27, 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Horti Play, 70 Eckford Street, Brooklyn