Curiosity & Reflections


Curiosity & Reflections: Tea Time at horti PLAY

Sip tea and slow down amid verdant surroundings in our plant-and cushion-filled space. Upon entering you’ll receive a question to contemplate. Express your reflections through conversation or creation, with the journals and art supplies on hand. Write, draw, read, connect, or simply just be. These two hours are yours for curious exploration of your inner and outer worlds.

What to expect:
Nothing, and everything! We are going to keep these gatherings intimate with space reserved for 6 to 8 curious guests. We are slowly evolving this concept, so just come with an open mind, and play.
Space etiquette:
We'll be providing you with stickers to showcase if you'd like to talk to others or stay inside your own bubble. Most important rule for the space is to meet people where they are, and be respectful.

Event details:
Tuesdays, Nov 12 and 19, 5pm to 7:30pm
Horti Play, 70 Eckford Street, Brooklyn

Suggested Donation (totally optional): $10-$20
We will be serving tea from our friends Bushwick tea.