Mosaic planter workshop


Mosaic planter workshop, with Kevin C Newcomb

Kevin Newcomb will walk you through the  process of making your very own mosaic planter in this fun and hands-on workshop. You'll get to experience what it feels like to work with stained glass, and we will be providing all the materials. The finished pots will be available for pickup one day after the workshop as they need time to dry and be cleaned up.

About Kevin:

Kevin has been building mosaics in NYC for 11 years under several different mosaic houses. He is the owner of Clean cut mosaics in Brooklyn and specializes in residential and commercial interior/exterior decor with an affinity for mosaic signage.

What's included in the workshop:
1. Various glass cuttings and all materials
2. 4.5 inch clay pot

Event details:
Thursday, Nov 14, 6pm to 8pm
Horti Play, 70 Eckford Street, Brooklyn