Pair with Pots:

We recently found these miniature plants with one of our growers and couldn't resist sharing them with you! We have paired these plants with our signature 4" pots, and these won't require repotting for at least 6-8 months. 

Care and Maintenance

These little plants will require a little bit extra work in care (except for the snake), so we don't recommend these if you are new to planting. Each plant will come with its specific care instructions.

Alocasia: Very cute but a little hard to care for, and not pet-friendly.

Swiss Cheese: Not all minis have holes yet, as they appear on older leaves.

Crispy Fern: Requires frequent watering. Pet-friendly.

Snake Superba: Easy to care for.


Plants are 2.25 inches and come with a 4 inch horti pot.