The Green Gurls Series: Propagation


We have collaborated with Christopher a.k.a PLANTKWEEN to bring you a series of fun plant focused events.

Second in this series is Propagation, and who better than Plantkween to explain it:

If you didn’t know, this kween loves sharing her passion for plants through propagation! Everyone gets a plant, hunty! Propagation is not always an easy task, so come join this kween for her first ever workshop on the joys and methods of plant propagation!

I will also be sharing my fav soil mix recipe that I use for a majority of my green gurl, because soil matters, dahling!!

What's included:
1. One 4" plant in grow pot
2. Plant cuttings
3. Horti's minimal cutting vase
4. Refreshments

Event details:
Wednesday, Sep 18, 6:30pm to 8:00pm
Horti Play, 70 Eckford Street, Brooklyn