Decorator (bi-monthly)

Let us take you on a well-crafted journey in indoor gardening. Horti will stand by you as you find or refine your green thumb. We collaborate with local artists and professional horticulturists to share expert level knowledge that will take your planting game to new heights.

This program is designed to enhance your indoor jungle decor, while still building your confidence. Every two months, we will send you a plant or two, along with beautiful planting accessories that you’ll want to show off.

To start, you’ll receive plants that are gorgeous yet easy to maintain. Over time, Horti will start introducing you to more exotic plant varieties, while continuing to satisfy your thirst for chic decor. Finally, as you elevate your greenery game, we will make you feel like a god of your little urban garden — teaching you how to propagate, create new life, and build things from scratch.

Along the way, Horti will send you instructions, provide relevant reading material, and invite you to special events.