Hoarder US (monthly)


So you are eager to build your indoor jungle? This is the perfect subscription plan for you.

Whether you are a planting newbie with low confidence or a planting enthusiast with an unsatiated hunger for more plants, this plan will help you reach your greenery goals!

Every monthyou will receive a 6” plant (or two or three smaller plants) with a beautiful hand-painted pot or planting accessory, along with the key information to sustain it.

To start, you’ll receive plants that are gorgeous yet easy to maintain. Over time, Horti will start introducing you to more exotic plant varieties, and finally, as you elevate your greenery game, we will make you feel like a god of your little indoor jungle — teaching you how to propagate, create new life, and build things from scratch.

If you are anything like us, you gotta have this subscription plan and keep on hoarding! Plus, there is no forced commitment — you can skip a kit or cancel whenever you want.

Note: To lower the weight of the package and hence the burden of shipping costs we ship the 6" plants without potting them. They still come with our signature hand painted pot, and soil pellets, along with instructions on how to re-pot.