Identifying plant issues at home


Identifying Plant Issues at Home: Christopher Satch

Watching your houseplant deteriorate in front of your eyes can be a challenging experience, and a lot of times with lack of knowledge we end up discarding such plants even if they could potentially kick-back and look healthy again. Horti wants to change the throw-away culture around plants, and in this effort we have collaborated with horticulture expert and plant scientist Christopher Satch. Chris will be giving a short lecture on how plants work, why they get sick, and what you can do to help them. 

You can bring photos of your sick plants to this event and get a diagnosis to help them recover.

About Chris Satch:

Chris comes from a background in plant research. With his M.S. in Plant Science from Rutgers University,  he now works for NYBG and volunteers at BBG as well as the Manhattan Orchid Society. He gives free advice on plant care so please follow him and send him a DM @botanictonic on Instagram.

Event details:
Wednesday, Nov 20, 6pm to 7:30pm
Horti Play, 70 Eckford Street, Brooklyn