Cardboard palm


You may have noticed that we usually don't venture far from terracotta. But when we came across these simple elegant pots we had to consider them! Made from clay, these pots have a delicate matte pastel finish, with a hint of a translucent white glaze at the bottom half.

We have combined it with one of our rare finds--a young cardboard palm (Zamia furfuracea), which is actually not a palm. These ancient plants have a beautiful hard texture and are pretty hard and unique. They have a thick underground trunk, kinda like the Zamioculcas zamiifolia that can store water, which increases their draught tolerance. These plants needs moderate to bright light and are fairly low-maintenance. This plant is not pet-friendly.

Details of the combo
- 4" cardboard palm
- 5" lucid pot with saucer

- Care card
- Dehydrated soil pellet is included for all out of nyc orders