Naked plants US


We understand that sometimes you may just want to repurpose your existing pots or use your recent vintage find as a planter. Keeping that in mind, we have designed this subscription so you can get plants without any horti clay pots.

Like all our other plans, this curation is designed to build your confidence in plant care. So to start, you’ll receive plants that are gorgeous yet easy to maintain and over time, Horti will introduce you to more exotic plant varieties.

Each month you'll get, two 3"/4” plants or one 6" plant in grow pots, along with the key information to sustain them. Sometimes we may replace one of the plants or just add an additional awesome planting accessory.

This is a great value product that can help you learn and grow your indoor jungle! Please choose if you'd like to receive 2 smaller plants or 1 big plant. There is no forced commitment — you can skip a kit or cancel whenever you want.