Pesty Plants // Dec 16


If you have an indoor plant, then you know that sometimes you can't control how healthy it is. Let's face it - pests are unavoidable! However, there are some tips and tricks we'll pass along to help you control those pesty plants. 

You will leave this workshop with a hand-painted Mr. Mister, and the skills to make your very own Pest Control Spray. Also you can bring photos of your sick plants to troubleshoot with Plant Scientist and NYBG Professor Chris Satch, and learn all about indoor plant care!

Your ticket includes:
1. Mr. Mister in white or terracotta
2. DIY pest control spray
3. Tips and tricks for identifying sick plants and how to help them
4. Drinks (tea/seltzer)

Event Details:
December 16,
 Thursday 6:00pm to 8:00pm
70 Eckford St (Greenpoint)