Planting kit corporate gift
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Horti's version of a masterclass on indoor planting! Thoughtfully designed to serve as a starter resource for new plant parents, that also serves as a great collectible for planting enthusiasts who might be farther along on the indoor planting journey. We have included some hardy plant varieties along with well-designed instructions to guide you on repotting, grooming and propagating your plants. 

Kit contains:
- One plant based on your choice
- 6" hand painted terracotta pot and saucer

Dehydrated soil pellet
- Chrome watering can
- Horti's glass Mr. Mister
- Pocket snippers
- Propagation stand 
- Care cards and instructions

Shipping cost is included. 

After you place your order to secure inventory, we will reach out to you with more instructions and handle this for you swiftly!