Plant Kween's Jungle

Grow the indoor jungle of your dreams, DAHLING. We have partnered with our friend PLANT KWEEN on a fabulously curated collection of their favorite 5 green gurls.

Plant care is for you as much as it is for your plants. Green spaces excite self-care, self-reflection and self-expression– allowing for a deeper connection with the beautiful intricacy of nature. The PLANT KWEEN JUNGLE celebrates that plant parent growth, exploration and curiosity as you build your group of lush green gurls, paired with the tools, support, and community to aid you in your own journey as a plant parent.

Choose between 'easy to care' or 'pet-friendly' plants and leave the curation to us—Plantkween is frequently accompanying us to our grower's to select the right varieties for these jungles!

You can compliment these plants with our lovely and affordable terracotta pots here.

What's included
1. Five 3-4" plants in grow pots
2. Care cards 
3. Lots of joy!

Notes: It takes us 5-7 days to process and curate this order.