Propeller plant


The unusual Crassula falcata is from the same family that has given us the strange buddha's temple (still trying to source that for you folks)! 

It has twisted curved long leaves that do resemble a propeller. In latin it's name falcata means "sickle-shaped". This is plant is native to South Africa and is fairly undemanding! This is a slow growing plant that can also produce beautiful flowers under brightly lit conditions. 

It's easy to propagate and grows upward about 2 to 3 feet. 

Care and Maintenance

This plant is very drought tolerant. They do need some water, during the summer, but do not leave the soil wet for prolonged periods.

Needs bright light.

What's included

1. Propeller plant
2. 4" Hand painted pot with saucer (we have stopped painting the saucers)
3. Special blend of dehydrated soil (outside of nyc)

4. Care card

This plant is safe for pets.