Tape 004: Jungle boogie

A botanical playlist to nourish your roots. 
A playlist inspired by all the jungle feels


Envision winding rivers, birds chirping, drums beating, insects buzzing, roots weaving and leaves swaying in the breeze... You’ll find all of these elements woven throughout the fibers of this playlist. Lots of goods for the new you to groove to in 2019 from El Buho to Buscabulla, Maleek Berry to Bad Bunny, Fort Romeau to TÂCHES, Total Giovanni to Âme these tracks were chosen to invoke your wild spirit and take you back to earthly origins.

Embodiment Activity: Winter Ritual Bath

In a fertile jungle there is much moisture so grab your favorite plant friends and bring them into the shower with you for a grounding and recharging nakey plant party.

The following Ground & Recharge Ritual Bath recipe is derived from Brooklyn local - Deborah Hanekamp aka Mama Medicine’s Bath Ritual recipe collection.

Ingredients ~

  • ¼ cup Chlorophyll
  • 5 Cedar branches (or clip off a little bit of green from your Ellwoodii, Golden Mop or Sienna Sunset)
  • Labradorite stones(s)
  • 2 cups Pink Himilayan Sea Salt
  • Extras: Got some flowers? Add petals into the mix to beautify the experience

Ritual ~

  1. Press play on horti tape 004
  2. Start a bath and intentionally add all ingredients listed above
  3. Get nakey, grab your plant friends and create a jungle in your bathroom
  4. Light a piece of Palo Santo and cleanse the space around you with the smoke
  5. Step into the bath
  6. Embody and embrace your wild: imagine you’re bathing in a flowing river - dunk your head under and when you come up take a deep inhale and exhale an audible “haaaa!” - (repeat at least 11 times)
  7. Sit and soak in the magic you’ve created while admiring and honoring your plant friends that surround you.

Sidenote: For those with a bathable bathroom in NYC, keep in mind BATHS ARE ECO-FRIENDLY AND AWESOME (as long as you’re using biodegradable or plant based soaps)! 1 because they save water, 2 because you can recycle the water to water your plants (when no soap is used) and 3 it is an easy act of self-love that draws out toxins and reduces stress. It’s one of the most relaxing and cherished forms of “alone-time” for me personally. Don’t have a bathable bath? All good!!! Bring your green friends into the shower with you. Drop a little essential oil into the mix then breathe in all that steamy, greeny, goodness.


I love embracing my wild within the rigidity of the tall buildings that make up the concrete jungle. On any given day that could be busting out a little boogie bounce and head bobbing on the L Train to one of my favorite playlists, primal screaming at one of the many The Assemblage sound meditations, connecting people to the rhythms of their breathe amongst palm frawned wallpapering at Habitas NYC’s Clubhouse, visiting Grupo Gitano’s new The Jungle Room or heading Upstate on the weekends to immerse myself back into tree-filled horizons and fresh air.

After four years of living in NYC, I’ve realized I must make a conscious effort to weave my animalistic nature into my days to help snap out of the robotics of the constant “doing” and giving myself a much needed break (I know I’m not alone in this) from checking emails, text messages, to-do lists and Instagram posts. When I found out that horti had introduced Order a Jungle™ I was so stoked to curate the playlist for those that want to bring the jungle to them. If you love these sounds - head over to Spotify for more curated playlists like this.