Horti makes holistic plant care easy.

Houseplants are more than indoor greenery, they are living creatures that breathe new life into concrete jungles and help humans thrive.

We believe that weekly rituals of plant care teach us how to reconnect with nature. Plant companions are gentle reminders of the wild beauty growing inside of us all. Horti plant subscriptions and curated kits are thoughtfully designed to build your confidence in plant care so you can grow alongside your own collection of lush, hardy houseplants suited to any size space you live in.

We’re here to make plant care fun. We don’t just want to sell you plants, we want to join you on your planting journey with practical tips and habit-forming solutions to help you realize how easy and enriching it is to care for houseplants.

Our story

In 2017, the idea for Horti emerged after we realized how many of our friends shared a desire to bring more green into their tiny NYC apartments, but lacked confidence to keep plants alive. Since then, we have watched our small plant business grow into a thriving community of designers, dreamers, hippies, poets, technologists, architects, and horticulture experts who are helping us create real magic and cultivate mindful, happier lives with plants by our side.

We built Horti on three philosophical pillars that guide our work to cultivate inclusive spaces where everyone feels welcome to play, heal and hope for greener futures.

PLAY is how we connect humans with plants. We tap into the playful curiosity inside of us all and build confidence through guided plant care. We want to replace mindless commerce with mindful play in radical green spaces that inspire contemplation, creation, and communal experiences. We use plants to stimulate the senses and prompt new ideas for the future change. Get curious among the urban jungle in our experiential showroom in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Attend immersive events that incorporate art, music, and multi-sensory experiences to deepen your understanding of plants and community.

HEAL with Horti. We don’t buy into throwaway culture, we believe that plants are living, breathing creatures that help us reflect and reconnect with our ecosystems. Get a little messy in The Dirt, Horti’s online journal where you can discover the healing magic of plants. Stay present in your journey with Horti’s podcast series (coming soon) on ecological, philosophical and spiritual inquiry.

HOPE grows wherever plants and humans can flourish side by side. We pledge to work with sustainable growers and small businesses to reduce our ecological footprint. We offset carbon emissions by supporting the Pachamama Alliance of Indigenous communities in the Amazonian rainforest. During Covid lockdowns, we were sending hope in the form of houseplants through our Plant Kindness™ program. We believe that plant care is for everyone, especially for BIPOC, queer and low-income people. Every day, we commit ourselves to racial and gender justice on our team and through our ongoing collaboration with Plant Kween to spread Black femme nonbinary joy in the plant community.

Who we are

Puneet Sabharwal He/him
CEO, Co-founder

Raised in North India, Puneet spent his childhood living at a religious commune with his family, guided by two central principles of interdependence: “Seva, which means selfless service in Sanskrit, is an act of compassion and care for others above oneself; Satsang means to be in the company of truth or true people,” he explains. “I try to bring this thinking into most of my micro communities, whether at work or home.”

Puneet moved to the US in 2009 and after following a long successful career in design, he decided to turn work into play through Horti. He has been caring for 70+ plants in Brooklyn that he uses to create aesthetically pleasing textures in his apartment, and strongly believes in the positive energy that these plants bring to his life.


Puneet is currently training to become a psychedelic therapist, and is on his path to get a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Psychedelic studies. He has also recently written a book on houseplants, Happy Plants -A Beginner's Guide to Cultivating Healthy Plant Care Habits.

Bryana Sortino She/her
COO, Co-founder

An obsession with plants has been passed down through Bryana’s family for generations. Her mother was always into gardening, refusing to hire a landscaper because she wanted to do it all herself, while Bryana’s grandmother was the matriarch of green thumbs. In addition to this heritage, Bryana’s environment played a huge role in cultivating her love of plants and the outdoors. Growing up in Florida and often traveling to warm, sunshine-filled places, Bryana had tropical, exotic plants at her fingertips.
Her experience as a designer is where she became hyper organized and learned to build smooth, efficient environments. Landing a job at Terrain was the natural next step towards all things houseplants. A move to NYC, a high-profile tech job, and 150+ plants later, she took her hobby and made it a business, which is how she ended up co-founding Horti.
Bryana’s passion for greenery doesn’t end with houseplants; she’s an avid cook who loves to make vegan meals and explore plant-based recipes. When not at Horti, she spends her time roller skating in the park, or taking her puppy Roo on walks around North Brooklyn.

Hisham Hassouna He/him
Operations Manager

Hisham hails from Cairo and is obsessed with soccer. He loves people and nature, and every weekend you can find him hiking a new route in Upstate NY.

Alexandra Spielvogel She/her
Retail Manager

Coming from a history in mental health counseling, Alex discovered her love of the arts and transitioned into a new career focusing on acting. When not spending time with her friends or enjoying the city, you will find her taking care of her plants, doing yoga, learning to dance, or baking.

Krista Marie Young She/her
Design Operations

Krista graduated from RISD with a BFA in Textiles. On her off days you can find Krista in her studio obsessing over checkerboards and creating original textile designs.

Lindsay Howland She/her
In-house Artist

Lindsay is an artist and educator who spends her spare time daydreaming about lake houses and good warm light, practicing Tagalog with her partner, and snuggling other peoples’ pets.

Leah Kirts They/them
Contributing Writer

Leah is a writer from Indiana, now based in New York, covering food, queer politics, and ecofeminist veganism.

Kyaw Zin Min He/him
Operations Associate

KYAW discovered his horti-obsession during the pandemic, amassing a collection with an emphasis on aroids. After obtaining a degree in Electrical Engineering and working on freighters sailing the south Asian seas, KYAW switched gears becoming a pop-sensation at home in Myanmar, finishing 2 solo albums and wining a Bronze Medal at the Asean Golden Voice Festival in Vietnam.

Chris Satch He/him
Plant Scientist

A professor at the New York Botanical Gardens, Chris is an expert in all botanical, horticultural, and plant-related topics.

Christopher Griffin He/she/they
Advisor - Diversity and Partnerships

A Brooklyn-based Black queer femme kween, Christopher aka @plantkween is obsessed with the botanical scene and building community through plants.