Please read recent updates and complete details around our shipping and order processing in our FAQ section.

We ship within the contiguous US to all 48 states. We currently don't offer any shipping outside of the US. 

We do our best to secure our products beautifully but transit can be brutal for certain items. If you have received a defected item, please take a photo within 24 hours of shipment delivery and email the details along with your order number to Plant packages have to be opened immediately since these are perishable items, if you leave a box unopened beyond 2 days we won't be able to help with exchanges or returns.

Plants are sensitive creatures, and just like bringing a new pet home, you really have to invest some labor of love into plant care to see these living beings thrive. If your plant first arrived well and you follow our care instructions, these beings will stay with you for a long long time. But if for some reason despite your best efforts the plant gives up on you within the first 15 days, we will replace it.