Why the clay pot?

Growing an indoor jungle should be an exciting adventure but the thrill of acquiring a new plant is often followed by the stress of finding the right pot to put it in. Suddenly you're distracted from the new greenery cradled in your arm by swirling questions about over-priced planters. 

We've all been there, standing before heaving shelves of glossy ceramics, fluted concrete and ridged terracotta in endless shapes, sizes and patterns, scratching our heads in uncertainty. How much does it cost and weigh? Is there room for the plant to grow and for proper drainage? Most importantly, will it blend in with the decor or stand out like an eye-sore?

A lot of plant shops push pottery with little education about what you actually need to help your plants thrive. Pottery is used as an easy up-sell more than an opportunity to educate, and what you eventually carry out of the store is often a costly add-on that you know little about. We want to fix that. 

A Pot To Make Your Plant Happy

Choosing which container is the best fit for each plant should be straightforward and the determining factors should help you make the right choice. At Horti, the pots we choose are curated much like the plants that live in them, with careful attention to function, style, and affordability so that you can stay focused on the fun stuff: tending to your plants.

Our signature hand-painted pots are made from terracotta, which means “baked earth," and has been used by humans dating back to Ancient Egypt for everything from roofing homes and sculpting busts to potting plants. Made from natural earth instead of synthetic or petroleum-based materials, these clay pots are good for both your plants and the environment we all share.

Breathable yet sturdy walls aerate the roots of the plant while providing added insulation thanks to the heat they retain from the sun. Unlike flimsy plastic or dense concrete, clay mimics the plant’s natural habitat and effectively slows down the transfer of heat between the internal soil and external environment, which also helps to stabilize any sudden shift in temperature—we're looking at you, nor'easter.

The great thing about terracotta is its practicality; it's solid enough to anchor top-heavy plants without being cumbersome to relocate to another room or another borough. And not only are terracotta pots eco-friendly, their neutral earthen hues blend seamlessly with practically any style of home, an important factor in our small, carefully curated urban spaces.

Keep Growing With Us

Clay is a bit like the raw denim of pottery. As it ages, it develops unique coloring due to its interaction with sunlight and exposure to or shielding from other elements. The material is incredibly affordable, allowing us to keep costs low, and the smooth, blank canvas makes it a perfect surface to add a little flair, like the painted flourish that distinguishes Horti pots from the rest.

Did you know that our subtle design comes with a hidden function? It allows us to track your level of expertise by color coding. As your planting skills mature, we introduce new plants to your subscription that are potted in corresponding colored pots, a bit like Karate belts. The colors are a playful way we measure the knowledge and techniques you develop as you grow with us, giving you the tools you need to flex your green thumb.

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