Plant Kindness

Plant Kindness is an experimental platform intended to inspire random acts of kindness using plants. Show your gratitude for what’s thriving in your life by sending a houseplant to someone in need of joy.

Each month Horti randomly gifts 5 plants and the rest are gifts from generous strangers like you.

Much like the wind that carries seeds to pollinate the earth wherever they happen to fall, we want to disperse the seeds of generosity among strangers with the best gift we can think to give. Nature itself is an experiment in unpredictable encounters, so we’re matching up gifters and nominees.

Plants make the best gifts because they are a calming, cheerful reminder of our deep connection to nature and the wild beauty that we crave on the other side of our human-made confines. Not only are houseplants scientifically proven to be therapeutic companions that uplift mood, sharpen focus and give purpose, they are sustainable and require little more than a bit of sunshine and weekly watering, which is a relaxing weekend routine.

Sponsor a Plant

Gift a plant to a stranger. Maybe your life is in full bloom and you want to pay it forward to someone else. Share your gratitude by gifting a plant to a random nominated person. You can leave a message or any other information you'd like to share with the recipient in the "order note" in the checkout cart, and we will send you a confirmation when the plant ships out. We won't share any other information.

Prices are subsidized and include expedited shipping.

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Nominate Someone

Please fill out this nomination form and let us know why you need a little plant love in your life right now. And share this page with friends, family, colleagues, or others who might need a botanical pick-me-up. If you are selected at random, we’ll send you a burst of green to brighten-up your world, courtesy of Horti or an anonymous gifter.

More Details

The Plant Kindness program is an experiment. It will continue to evolve as we learn. Please help us by sharing your feedback and spreading the word.

Your information won't be shared outside of our organization, unless you choose the option of sharing your details with the recipient. You may receive promotional emails from Horti.

The plants we send may vary from the product image. The product image is mostly a representation of the two options that are available for gifters—a plant with a clay pot or a plant without a pot.

Recipients are selected at random. Each month Horti sends 5 plants and any others are gifted by strangers. Horti makes a small profit from this program, but we have lowered our margins to drive our real goal of spreading plant love to people who need it most.