Tape 006: Gloom to Bloom

A playlist inspired by the metamorphosis of Winter gloom into Spring bloom.

Embrace the gloom and dwell in the darkness for a little bit longer to reveal your vibrant leaves, colorful wings and blossoming petals.

Transition and transformation can be exhausting. For a caterpillar to shed and split it’s skin, turn into a cocoon, melt into goop to recreate itself, break through a hardened outer shell and emerge a beautiful butterfly with wings fully expanded is no easy task. (Check THIS out for a visual of that process!) The fact that the larvae even eat the shell of the egg that they were born from is a fascinating metaphor for things that are no longer needed being used as nourishment (or fertilizer in the case of our green plant friends) and transmuted for energy to assist the newest version of our growth.

We have a little bit more time to chill in the dark and catch up on much needed rest with subtle wiggles of growth and inspiration happening inside our current winter cocoons. So let your Low-Light Jungle keep you company while you hang out in the dark. Let the Winter gloom shed old skins, turning us inward and for some turning us into unrecognizable goop. We’re metamorphosing into updated and/or upgraded versions of our self. Enjoy these gloomy sounds inspired by this process of metamorphosis and change to get you marinating and melting into your own creative juices. Prepare to welcome the expansion and brightness that’s ahead for our full bloom and rebirth in Spring.


Catalyzing Caterpillar Breathe with Restful Ritual

In the gloom we get a chance to be still with ourselves in order to recognize what exactly makes us come alive inside. What gives us butterflies in our bellies and what stirs our excitement and creativity? This ritual is a gentle moment to deeply connect with our stillness, our breathe and a time for nourishing renewal for the journey of rebirth and transformation that lies ahead. Find rejuvenation and comfort in taking the time to just lie down and melt into your goop, digest everything that you’ve learned from the Winter months of introspection and allow these findings to guide you to the surface in the Spring…

  • Close your shades - dim the lights
  • Grab one of your plant pals from your Low-Light Jungle and bring them close
  • Lie down in your bed, on your couch, on your floor - with one hand on your belly and one hand on your heart. Feel your belly rise on the inhale through the nose, bring it up to connect to the beat of the heart - then exhale through the nose.
  • Allow yourself to rest and to soften into this rhythm
  • Close your eyes and continue like this for 15-20 minutes