Sansevieria Moonshine

Silver and Seductive Sansevieria Moonshine

Snake plants usually don't need an intrduction since they surface on every plant list, but Moonshine or trifasciata is a lesser common variety that is as hardy as the other snakes. Sansevieria are succulent plants--they have strong, stiff, almost plastic-like succulent leaves that store water. These particular variety is sold under many different names like 

craigii, jacquinii, and laurentii superba.

We usually get them in a few different styles/varieties so we have created two options for easy ordering. The plant you receive may differ a tiny bit but will be close to the pictured style.

Care and Maintenance

This plant is genuinely versatile and can handle all light conditions. Keep it on the dry side as it has large root balls that store water for drought conditions.

What's included

- Plant (4" or 6")
- Plant care and repotting instruction cards
- 6" hand-painted terracotta pot & saucer (if ordered-includes 4" plant)
- Dehydrated soil wafer is included with pot


This plant is not safe for pets.