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Happy Plant is an invitation to grow with plants, not just read about them. This book is meant to feel like an intimate conversation you could have with us sitting in our plant shop with a cup of tea, sharing stories about why plants matter, and how you can flourish with them. Basically, we took a model that we’ve already proven to be successful in real life with thousands of Horti subscribers becoming skilled plant parents. Just like our company, this book is an invitation to build confidence in plant care through real dialogue.

About the Book:

This comprehensive visual guide to houseplant care is packed with illustrations and hand drawings, color photography, accessible infographics, and advice for first-time and experienced plant parents alike.
Build confidence in tending indoor plants through this guide to basic plant care, all while learning about the history of houseplants, how they communicate, and sustainable ways to troubleshoot houseplant parenting issues. Whether you’re afraid to bring home a plant or have a healthy row of potted green pals on your windowsill, this book will walk you through the trials, errors, and joys of plant care.
Foreword by Morgan Doane and Erin Harding of House Plant Club, authors of How to Raise a Plant: and Make It Love You Back.

About the Author:

Puneet Sabharwal is the CEO and cofounder of Horti. Raised in North India, Puneet spent his childhood living in a religious commune with his family and is currently training to become a psychedelic therapist. He cares for more than seventy houseplants in his Brooklyn apartment, where he loves to host folks for chai-time. Happy Plant is Puneet's first book.