Horti Plant Care Health Kit

We often get asked about some of our favorite products to support and enhance our plant's health, so we have put together a Horti Plant Care Health Kit that provides a comprehensive solution for your plants' health and growth. It features a mushroom-made vermicompost by our friends at Smallhold, our favorite preventative pest control soap by Dr Bronner's, magical plant food by Good Dirt, along with our Mr.mister, compact soil and a mini snipper. Each product has been carefully selected to ensure optimal health and growth, resulting in stunning plants that are sure to impress.

Kit contains:
- Pure castile soap (assorted scents) 16 oz
- Mushroom vermicompost
- Plant food 15 oz

- 2 dehydrated soil pellets
- Horti's glass Mr. Mister
- Pocket snippers
- Care cards and instructions

*box not included