Dear horti enthusiast,

We don't just want to sell you plants, we want to sell you on planting. We are building a community of urban gardeners who aspire to cultivate cleaner, happier lives.

Our focus is primarily on urban dwellers, as we live in one of the densest places in the world, New York City. There is an overload of information about plants and plant care to be found on the Internet and in horticulture books, but it is not specifically targeted to people like us who live in small spaces. It's often hard to get the right recommendations, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the advice out there. Horti solves these problems by selectively giving you manageable tips to turn your brown thumb into a green one!

We don't just want to push you plants: we want to help you realize how easy it can be to take care of them. Plants are an intimate part of our lives—we live with them and love them every day—and we want to share this lifestyle with you by carefully curating kits with hardy plants that will ease your anxiety about greenery care. We have thoughtfully designed our subscription service as a program that will take you through different levels of plant care. We'll provide you with all the tools, tips, and hardy plants. Whether you are a plant newbie or an aesthete who wants to acquire some tasteful new planting accessories  we can hook you up!

We started this company to share our love for plants with our friends, and we would love to have you in our circle. By sharing this contagiously good lifestyle with you, we hope you will do the same for others. Evidence shows that humans thrive in the presence of plants and trees, and plants are even more essential in the concrete jungles of urban centers—so let us help you and your friends bring these little wonders into your home.

Horti works with small, sustainable businesses across various industries and handpicks products from thousands of available options to make sure you get the best! Our goal is to bring our customers habit-forming solutions through clever designs. We aim to learn from you every day, to continue improvising, and to foster the highest quality of indoor planting experience for our valued community.

This little online garden is just the beginning. We are surrounded by designers, dreamers, hippies, poets, technologists, architects, and horticulture experts who are helping us create real magic! We’re excited to bring it all to you.

Yours in Greenery!
Team Horti


Horti team 
Puneet Sabharwal
Plants at home: 60+
Favorite plant: Staghorn Fern

Bryana Sortino
Plants at home: 100+
Favorite plant: Pencil Cactus