Cebu Blue Hanging Basket

Rare, Beautiful, Easy to Grow - Cebu Blue Hanging Basket.

This Epipremnum Pinnatum aka Cebu Blue Pothos is known for its shimmery, sliver-blue leaves native to Cebu in the Philippines. Sometimes called dragon-tail, it is a beautiful, locally-grown vining plant that is easy to care for and perfect for beginners wanting a more unique Pothos variety. When this plant reaches maturity, fenestrations will start to form similar to the Philodendron swiss cheese plant! 

Pictured: 4.5" Hanging Basket


This plant does well in bright indirect light, but can also handle medium light. It can handle a couple hours of direct sunlight, but not too much. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering. 

This plant is not safe for pets.