Propagation kit

After a lot of research, we have combined a few of our favorite planting accessories and plants into these great propagation kits. These combinations are not just aesthetically pleasing but also very functional! This kit includes a baby snipper along with 3 cuttings vases that have been handcrafted in brooklyn, and a plant. We have selected three plant options that are all great for water propagation: Peperomia Caperata, Pilea Peperomiodes, and Philodendron Brasil. 

This kit contains:
- Plant (Peperomia Caperata, Pilea Peperomiodes, or Philo Brasil)
- 6" hand painted terra cotta pot and saucer
- Pocket snippers
- 3 cuttings vases (hardwood and glass tubes)
- Care card
- Dehydrated soil pellet is included for all out of nyc orders

Plant Options:

Peperomia Caperata (currently in-stock is Frost)
Peperomias, as the name suggest are from the Pepper family. These plants have semi-succulent properties, which means that they are able to store moisture in their fleshy stems or leaves to fall back on when needed. They prefer indirect sunlight. Avoid over-watering. This plant is safe for pets!

Pilea Peperomiodes 
Chinese Money Plant or Pilea peperomioides has been spread amongst amateur gardeners via cuttings without being well-known to botanists. Which is probably why it is slightly harder to find in many regions. These plants are low maintenance and can be propagated very easily. They prefer bright indirect sunlight and a regular watering whenever the top inch of soil is dry. This plant is safe for pets!

Philodendron Brasil
Philodendron hederaceum or Brasil is native to South America and is a patented heart-leaf philodendron. Often confused with Pothos, this variety is fairly tolerant and easy to care for. They prefer indirect sunlight and regular watering whenever the top inch of soil is dry. This plant is not safe for pets.