Research Shows Plants Increase BDE

Plants are the key to the big D 

Recent studies shows that individuals who come into daily contact with plants are more likely to possess Big Dick Energy (BDE). Until now, scientists could not determine where exactly BDE stemmed from or how people came to be so, ahem, well-endowed with its power.

Researchers working hard and fast to unpack this mysterious load of energy have been surprised to find that it has little to do with humans and even less to do with actual dicks. According to the science (okay, this part really is true) sustained contact with plants increases traits in humans associated with BDE: self-confidence, calmness and sharpened focus. You know, inner well-being that evokes outward smoldering stares on the red carpet or carefree strolls licking lollipops with old bae. 

Nature is a big mood in its own right 

Humans have popularized BDE but plants are undoubtedly the original harbingers of it. One need only to look to nature to know deep down that plants figured out long ago how to be stunting on them.

Take the jutting fronds of a Staghorn Fern, the perpetually erect and looming prickles of an Elephant Cactus, or the broad voguing leaves of a Monstera deliciosa.  

Studies show that humans benefit from interacting with plants, whether we take a long walk in the forest or invite a perky Pilea peperomioides to sit beside us at the office. Exposure to greenery improves our mental health by reducing stress and anxiety while enhancing creativity, increasing levels of productivity and improving our concentration. 

Plants are stress's biggest enemy

Stress causes some of the greatest risks to human health such as chronic inflammation, high levels of cortisol (dubbed the “stress hormone”) and lowered rates of nervous tissue growth and development—all of which can be averted by strategically reducing stress. 

Plants vibes help to banish anxiety and redirect our attention away from whatever internal chaos is churning, shifting our focus toward the natural world. Plants give us their own slow and steady growth to meditate on thereby improving our mood and building-up our sagging confidence. 

More plants, bigger energy

Powerful energy actually has nothing to do with genitalia. It has more to do with what's going on above the belt and shows up in all types of people. The same is true for plants.

The empowering energy we derive from plants can be sparked by any of the myriad shapes, sizes and textures that they exist in. Each form is soothing to our bodies and minds in a distinct way. 

A tall rubber tree stands boldly, encouraging us to be fully present in any room, while a stunning-yet-small wavy Calathea inspires the creativity and productivity we need to get shit done. 

Soon, we just might be calling it Big Plant Energy

Photo: Botanical Garden Oaxaca, Mexico