Why We Love Plant Mamas

May is for the Mamas. They nurture our lives as infants well into adulthood with other-worldly patience and tender love. Anyone can be a mother and no two are alike; some give birth, others adopt, foster, mentor and provide shelter to us from life’s storms. Some have uteruses and some don’t. The mamas of the world are as varied as those they care for, from humans to animal companions to—you guessed it—even plants.

Plant mamas are the best because just like our own moms, everyone can be one regardless of gender. Sustaining plant life is a bit different than raising a child or adopting a pet, but the care it takes to grow a tiny sprout into a healthy herbage stems from the same root: nourishing love.

Raising Plants Benefits Us All

The world can be a harsh place, and a plant mama does more than tend to their indoor potted babes. They foster an atmosphere that makes the earth healthier and us happier to be in it. They share knowledge about soil and sunlight, and give away fresh plant cuttings like moms sling PB&Js.

We’ve been taught that our growth as humans is a constant pull between nature and nurture but have you ever stopped to consider that nature is as much a part of our growth as we are a part of it? Just like the mother figures in our lives, plants shelter, clothe and feed us. They are literally the air we breathe. We, in turn, take them into our homes and with a little bit of pruning and parenting, help them thrive alongside us. All of life is essentially an exercise in co-parenting. 

Plant Mamas FTW

No matter your age or level of experience, you can easily become a plant mama with simple, helpful tips and a few plants ready to be loved. You can also give the gift of planting to one of the mamas in your life as a way to brighten their home and bring lasting joy to their life. 

While a lot of mom day gifts are coded for one type of mother and doused in pink, plants—with their curling green tendrils, punk spikes and broad fuzzy fronds—are a more inclusive way to say thank you to anyone in your life who has helped to nurture you, and a Horti subscription is a great place to start.

Cover photo: Morgan Doane