Fall in Love With the Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Plant lovers share one thing in common and it isn’t a (so-called) green thumb; it's a desire to cultivate intimate relationships rooted in care. The core of plant care is a collaboration between us and plants. Houseplants are deeply relational living beings that mirror our human need for connection. 

Plant lovers don’t collect plants like trophies to hang on the wall—except for the Staghorn Fern, which is truly a majestic piece of living art. Plant lovers cater to each plant’s needs and personality, establishing mindful routines that nurture their mutual growth. It’s a beautiful exchange where people focus attention on nourishing these other-worldly green creatures who, in return, fill the indoor spaces that they inhabit with good vibes, clean air and soothing energy. 

Horti plandle kit

The gift of growing together: Top gifts for plant lovers

Everyone loves to receive gifts but when it comes to plant care, gift giving can often feel intimidating. Knowing how to choose the best variety, temperament and style of plant that will thrive in someone else’s home isn’t clear cut, which can make plant shopping feel like you’re going out on a limb. 

We’ve curated a list of our favorite green gifts that will surprise and delight the plant lover in your life all year round and can be adapted to suit any budget.

A Living Valentine: The String of Hearts 

The Ceropegia woodii aka String of Hearts is a subtle gesture of love thanks to its vining leaves that resemble tiny hearts. A less common houseplant, this semi-succulent is surprisingly hardy and thrives on indirect light. Though dormant in cold weather, it grows delicate purple flowers during the spring/summer months and, when given enough light, it can grow up to 9 feet long. As a hanging plant, the String of Hearts is ideal for cozy apartments or anywhere floor space is limited. This plant is also safe for pets.  

horti plant subscription

Monthly Plant Subscription

Whether your loved one is a planting newbie or on their way to growing an indoor jungle, a plant subscription is a thoughtful gift that brings a carefully designed monthly program to guide them through new levels of plant care with all of the tools, tips, and hardy plants they can imagine. Our subscription plans ship nationwide and range from month to month, 6 months of plant parenting guidance, and up to a full year of greener futures on their plant journey. 

Aromatic kit to create a Home Botanical Spa

Set the mood with this aromatic kit that pairs one of our houseplants with a botanical-infused candle made in collaboration with Davisburg Candle Factory, who have six decades of experience hand-making candles. 

Dim the lights, light the wick, turn on some botanical tunes, and inhale the intoxicating aroma of Forest Alchemy, a blend of rare tree resin from Oud, Tonka and Teakwood, that’s paired with a breezy tropical Palm plant. Or meditate on the fragrance of Sacred Woods, which carries notes of Indian Sandalwood, Peruvian Palo Santo and Egyptian Cedarwood, next to our cheerful Pilea Peperomioides. 

The plants are pet-friendly, and each candle is made with environmentally friendly 100% soy wax and hand-poured into our signature terracotta pots and made with. 

Happy Plant Book: Plant Education

If your loved one wants to build confidence, expand their plant knowledge and develop better plant care skills, Happy Plant is the perfect comprehensive how-to guide for houseplant care written by our co-founder, Puneet Sabharwal. It’s as much of a trouble-shooting manual with accessible infographics as it is a visually rich coffee table book with detailed illustrations, hand drawings and vibrant color photography. 

Sonic Garden Concerto

Tune-in to the music of houseplants with Plantwave, a palm-size gadget that wirelessly transforms sonic waves produced by plants into music that can be played on Bluetooth devices. The rechargeable player is made with sustainable materials and has a free app (iOs and Android) that turns plant biorhythms into music using small electrodes that gently attach to the leaves, perfect for botanical/tech/music enthusiasts alike. Available for pre-order now but won’t ship until June 2022. We think it’s worth the wait.   

Personal Plant Doctor

For the plant lover who wants their green babies to live forever, Plant Insurance is the gift that keeps on giving. A sickly plant is something everyone encounters in their plant care journey but few have the support to save their sad fronds from the compost pile. With help from resident plant scientist/doctor, Chris Satch, our two insurance plans help alleviate plant care anxieties, and we occasionally work plant miracles: if despite your best efforts you lose a plant, we will resurrect it!

A Botanic Garden Membership

Give the gift of an immersive botanical experience that can be enjoyed again and again. The beauty of a membership is that your plant lover can experience the wonder of the plant kingdom as it changes from season to season. And there are often special perks in addition to free admission like exclusive access to new exhibits, members only events like live concerts, films & lecture series, and discounts to local plant nurseries or arboretums. Plus, most botanic gardens are non-profits, making your gift tax deductible. 

Staycation in Nature

If your plant lover is the adventurous type, plan a surprise trip to visit a patch of green you have yet to explore together. Nature is everywhere! Even densely populated urban centers have protected habitats like state parks and nature preserves. There are bird watching groups, foraging workshops, hiking trails and community gardens that are closer than you might think (and often accessible on public transportation). Pack a picnic basket, hug the trees, and soak up the beauty of your local ecologies.

Artisanal Planters 

A hand-crafted planter can make a unique art piece as much as it functions as a protective home for houseplants. Given that plants need to be repotted annually, your plant lover will appreciate a new pot to sink their growing plant into. Local vintage shops, flea markets and craft fairs are great places to source one-of-a-kind pieces. We love the ceramic planters made by Brooklyn artist Marian Bull

horti gift card

The Gift of Choice: Plant Gift Card

If you’re feeling indecisive or your plant lover has a very particular taste, a plant gift card makes it easy to shop even when you’re not sure what to give them. Sometimes the gift of letting someone choose their own present is the best gift of all. Horti gift cards are delivered by email and include instructions for how to redeem them at checkout. You can either forward the gift card from your email to your recipient, or you can replace your email with theirs during checkout to send it to them directly.

Plants are the gifts that keep on giving, and they make the best gift. We hope your favorite plant lover falls in love with these gifts too.