Why Plants Make the Best Gift

Plants are more than the sum of their leaves, stems, fronds and roots. They serve as a reminder of nature’s wild beauty that we crave outside the confines of our homes and offices. The simplicity, steady growth, and relatively low-maintenance of plants (especially compared to animal companions) endear themselves to whomever they are given.

For the Love of Plants

Simply put, plants are good for you. Potted but never passive, they drink up water and sunlight with cheerfulness, quietly commanding attention from across the room, standing tall and regal next to your sofa, cascading majestically down the side of your bookshelf, or sprawling out across the top of your kitchen cabinets.

Plants tell stories, keep secrets, survive harrowing moves across town and cross-country, endure skipped waterings, cloudy days, and even subzero temperatures with grace and style (I’m looking at you, Golden Pothos).

Too many of us have been deeply intimidated by the prospect of plant care when the reality is often as simple as a calendar reminder on our phones and a splash of water once a week. What plants give us in return is priceless: tranquility and ambience to our homes, a calming reminder to slow down, and an appreciation for the small things.

Flowers Are For Now, But Plants Are Forever

Though popular gifts of our parents’ generation, floral bouquets stand in opposition to houseplants as outdated icons of impulsivity, indulgent splurges, or as desperate tickets out of the dog house.

Fresh flowers and the industry that produces them are inherently wasteful, leaving behind a hot mess of wilted stems, so it’s no wonder that millennials prefer houseplants for their evergreen power.

Not only are they resilient, but plants are reproductive. A vase of water softens the decay of a cut flower, but do the same with a plant and within a few days, it will sprout new roots and all-but beg to be replanted in fresh soil where it will thrive.

It’s one of the most hardy, sustainable gifts you can find, and unlike highly-personalized taste in flowers and the symbolic meaning of their bold colors (you know, red for love, white for sympathy, yellow for friendzone, etcetera), the classic appeal of sleek green leaves is as timeless as it is foolproof.

A Timeless Gift Perfect for Any Occasion

A well-tended houseplant is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s an investment that can be marveled at for years and passed down for generations.        

At Horti, we want you to enjoy plants not just as living decor in your home but as a way to revitalize your lifestyle and preserve the art of plant care which is more often than not a relaxing routine. For us, it’s become a tangible way to measure literal and figurative growth and to cultivate patience in the midst of the constant push and pull of the urban hustle.

Our valuable tools and simple tips make it possible for anyone (really, we mean anyone!) to succeed and to easily share that gift with another. Horti’s plant subscriptions do all of the heavy lifting to get our favorite plants onto your (or your loved one’s) doorstep without any hassles. And it doesn’t stop at delivery.

We want to grow with you and help you cultivate a new world of tender Staghorn fronds, meandering Pothos vines, and wide, waxy philodendron—all of the very best green things we have within our reach. Now let’s get growing.