horti tape 008: plant mama

A botanical playlist and tantric plant meditation
A playlist inspired by the nurturing influences of mother nature

Let these jams grow on you and grow in you. Vibe to their nurturing nature and get in the mood to invoke your playful plant mama. Sing along while you water your green children and come celebrate with Horti Play on May 11th!

Selected for their badass boss mama vibes these songs take a listen into the past and a look into the supporting mother energies of the future. Stroll down memory lane and journey through generations narrated by the likes of Nina, Jill, Diana, Aretha, Erykah, Sade, Fleetwood with supporting role from J. Cole and representation for the next generation: Willow, Billie, Ibeyi and Jain. Let the song titles lead the way and press play…

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Tolerance, patience, compassion, playfulness. She nourishes us with her soils, provides us an abundance of nutrients with her flora and fauna, shades us with her leaves and leaves no trace of waste. She cleans the air with her limbs and holds the memory of all worlds in her waters. In the bosom of her mountains ecosystems thrive. At her peaks clarity awaits. In her valleys families reside. On her open plains we play. Our earth mother supports us, nurtures and nourishes all life to thrive. Unconditionally. We are all connected to the great mother and hold these aspects of her nurturing, playful and wise feminine nature within every cell of our bodies, regardless of gender or upbringing. We can call on this creative and compassionate force at anytime. So bring it forth from the heart and give the gift that keeps on growing…

Calling on the Spirit of Mother Earth Meditation: 3 minutes

Enjoy the shortness and sweetness of this powerful kundalini meditation invoking the great spirit of Mother Earth into our physical bodies. Only three minutes to connect and carry this creative and compassionate power in your heart. Read through these directions, get comfortable, set a timer for 3 minutes and begin…

  • Sit straight in a chair with feet grounded or cross legged with the tail bone rooted down into the earth. Feel the chin tucking ever so slightly in as the crown of the head rises towards the sky.
  • The spine is straight. Eyes are softly closed
  • Straighten and raise the arms up 60 degree, elbow and wrists straight - creating a 60 degree V shape. The angle of the palms follow the angle of the arms. Fingers are straight and together. Let the thumbs relax. Remain in this position for the full 3 minutes.
  • Begin to visualize a flame at the center of the chest
  • Breathe consciously, every breath long and deep; Inhale for 20 seconds, slowly exhale for 20 seconds
  • Holding between your hands the earth mother. Do not drop her. Do not move. Support mother earth as she unwaveringly supports you.
  • Holding here for 3 minutes allowing this flame at the center of the chest to burn bright, the tail bone to root down into the earth and the crown of the head to connect to the sky
  • At the end of 3 minutes inhale and suspend the breathe for 15 seconds holding a prayer in reverence for the nourishment of the earth mother
  • Exhale
  • Inhale deeply. Hold the earth mother between your palms. Feel in your heart the blessing of the Great Mother. Hold the breath for 15 seconds.
  • Exhale
  • Inhale deeply. Hold the earth mother between your palms. Taste the sweetness of life that she offers you from her fruits. Hold this prayer in reverence for her creativity, compassion and patience, feel in your burning heart the blessing of the Great Mother.
  • Exhale; gently and as slowly as possible, as if two feathers floating through the sky, allow the arms to gently float down beside you. Reconnecting the tips of the fingers to Mother Earth on either side of you.  
  • Feeling safe. Feeling supported. Return to the natural flow of your breath and feel the power of the earth mother you’ve generated within your heart pulsing through your veins.
  • When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes