horti tape 009: pride

A botanical playlist celebrating pride!
Uptempo, sexy tunes that will transport you to a loud and proud dancehall. Curated by Dave Coast.

Pride is both a party and a protest. Pride is visibility, acceptance, love, and community. To be PROUD of ALL that you are. Featuring big name fan favorites like Lady Gaga and Beyonce to up and coming LGBT artists like Troye Sivan and VINCINT, the songs frequently cross genres and eras to evoke a blissful state of mind where listeners are transported to a place where they feel sexy, free, and celebrated. Happy Pride! 

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About Dave
Dave is a 32 year old wellness and sustainability blogger living in Venice Beach, CA. A horti client since 2018, he is also proud to call himself an "aspiring" plant daddy.  You can follow him on Instagram @davecoast