Corporate Gifting

Show your appreciation to clients or employees by choosing a sustainable, unique gift that keeps on giving.

Why Horti?

We’re here to make planting easy and fun! Which is why we include care information and planting tips with each kit. We started this company to share our love for plants with our friends, and over the years we have gained the trust of thousands of subscribers/customers. By working with us you'll be supporting a small business that works with other local businesses, and cares a lot about the planet and it's people.

Why Plants?

Houseplants are more than indoor greenery, they are living creatures that breathe new life into concrete jungles and help humans thrive. Plant companions are gentle reminders to take a moment to relax and reconnect with nature. Plus, plants are one-size-fits-all, removing any guesswork involved in gift-giving!

"In an experimental working environment study, employees with a view of plants completed a concentration test 19% faster than those in a room without plants."
Nieuwenhuis, M., Knight, C., Postmes, T., & Haslam, S. A. (2014). The relative benefits of green versus lean office space.

Some of our happy corporate clients:

Choose an option that best suits your needs

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Single plant / Customizable

Order any quantity above 20 easily. Kits can be customized with your brand's colors and flyer inserts.

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Plant accessory kit

For flexible budgets and to make an amazing impression, we recommend this beautiful all-in-one planting kit.


3 Month Subscription

For when you want your gift-giving to continue bringing joy even after the occasion. A curated journey in indoor planting.

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