Cuddle Puddle: Fall / Winter plant care

Studies have proven that houseplants not only improve your home’s air quality but also your well-being, especially in those winter months when you’re cooped-up inside. Many of us know how real and all-pervasive SAD (seasonal affective disorder) can be. Even though we don't like to view sadness as an intruder—every emotion has something to teach us—we do believe that living with plants and the act of caring for them can bring a welcome sense of calm during a challenging season.

Your plants will need some slight adjustments as the weather changes, so here are some helpful tips for houseplant care in winter: 

1. Chase the sun

Sunlight is scarce during this time of year but your plants still need it. Sun is at a much lower angle in the sky and is often covered with clouds, so try and move all the plants closer to your south and west facing windows. In most cases it's okay to let plants have direct sun in the freezing months. It also helps to rotate your pots occasionally so all sides get enough light. If your home is not getting enough light, please consider adding an artificial source. Much like the happy light that you need in winter, plants love the extra lumens too!

2. Cuddle puddle

While heating keeps us warm in the winter, it's not always fun for our plants. Humidity levels usually drop to about 15% in heated homes, and plants prefer about 50%. So a humidifier can be a plant's best friend during winter. The other beneficial method is to group your plants together in a cozy cuddle puddle--plants transpire and release vapor into the air, so gathering them together in clusters will also create a more humid environment. 

3. Keep it cozy

Plants are their happiest when kept in temperatures between 65-75° F. Keep them away from drafty windows (temps above 50° F) and hot radiators (remember: more humidity!). 

4. Winter dieting

Plants grow at a much slower rate during the colder months and one of the main causes of houseplant issues is overwatering, specially in winter. As always, our advice--finger your plants. Don't water the plant unless the soil feels dry an inch or two below the surface. And always use room temperature water as you don’t want to shock the roots.

5. Shine those leaves

Dust build up on your plant's leaves can make it harder for them to absorb enough light in the short winter days. So clean them up with a wet paper towel once or twice a month. While you are at it, please clean those dusty windows too so that light can shine through them!

At horti, we take extra steps to ensure that your monthly plants keep coming to you in good cozy conditions, which is why we ship all our beyond nyc kits with 48 hour heat-packs. Please disregard those after opening your box. We also check the weather for each region before sending the plants out, and will keep you posted if we need to delay shipping due to any nasty weather conditions.