A key part of Horti's mission is to build your confidence in plant care and your relationship with plants, so we have designed this simple guide to teach you the basics of repotting. With the empty pot and organic potting soil we send you, along with this handy guide, we will show you how easy it is to re-pot your plants at home!

Removing the plant:

1. To remove the plant from its old pot, slip your hand over the top of the pot, holding the plant’s stem between your fingers, and turn the pot upside down.

2. Gently wiggle and pull the pot upwards to remove the plant. If the plant seems stuck, you may have to cut the plastic pot using a pair of scissors.

3. Gently massage the root ball, loosening the soil with your fingers. It's okay if some of the old soil breaks or is lost.

Preparing the pot:

4. Pour in a layer of potting soil into the empty pot. Use just enough so that the top of the roots are at the same level as the pot’s rim projection.

5. Set the plant in the center of the pot, and begin adding soil. Keep turning the pot so you can add soil from all the sides. Use your fingers to press the soil down the sides.

6. Keep adding soil till the roots are completely covered and then even out the soil with your fingers. Water well and let it drain so that the soil settles. Now you’re all set!


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