‘Tis the Season for Plants

Plants take the pressure out of holiday shopping. They bring living joy to gift giving that is far more aligned with the spirit of the season than the latest electronics or fast fashion apparel. The wonder of waxy green leaves, spiky cacti or vining philodendron is as timeless as it is foolproof. 

Beyond festive garlands on the mantel, ribboned wreaths on the front door and glowing Christmas trees lighting up our homes, plants offer an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional holiday shopping — and an easy option for your loved ones who seem to have it all or are notoriously difficult to shop for. 

This time of year, between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, everyone is in a flurry of sale-hunting, frantic to cash-in on the best deals. But impulsive holiday shopping leads to regret, mass returns once the holidays are over, or the dreaded regift.

Green Friday: Shopping for the Earth

It’s no wonder that online shopping returns peak just after the holiday season ends, as people parse through their pile of gifts with dissatitsfaction from ill-fitting clothes and duplicate housewares to knick knacks that do little more than collect dust. 

According to a recent impact report, almost 10 billion pounds of returned products enter landfills, contributing 27 million metric tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Not only do returned gifts represent a waste of energy, money and finite resources, they symbolize the loss of joy that holiday gift giving is meant to bring one another. 

More than half of adult shoppers have buyer’s remorse around the holidays. What’s at the top of their returns list? Apparel, shoes, and electronics. Unlike products that take from the earth’s resources, plants give back to the planet by increasing oxygen in the air, trapping carbon in their soil and roots, and reminding us that we are all part of a shared ecosystem. At Horti, we ensure that every shipment we send out is carbon neutral and supports companies like Grassroots Carbon, which enables farmers to capture carbon in soil.

Houseplants for the Holidays 

You don’t have to worry if houseplants will outlast the 30-day return policy. Resilient in the face of human error, plants acclimate to new environments remarkably well and most varieties only require once weekly care. Of course, some plants are needier than others, which is why it’s important to choose your plant gift wisely — ask us for help!

Consider the people on your gift list: do they work from home, travel often, have kids or pets? Plants can complement individual lifestyle habits, from the slow steady growth of succulents to the fast vining pothos. 

At Horti, we make plant care easy and take the guesswork out of finding varieties that can cohabitate alongside indoor pets

For loved ones with a home office, they benefit from the calming presence of houseplants on their desk or bookshelf. Plants make the best coworkers, aiding in focus and improving mental health for people who spend daily time in their presence. 

Because they are alive, houseplants are gifts that keep on giving. Their good green vibes go strong for years and can be passed down for literal generations.

Living Presents Under the Tree

Beyond the gift of houseplants, there are other options to make gift giving a more eco-friendly tradition in your family and support local makers in your community. 

We love consumable gifts like specialty teas, ethical chocolates, and slow-burning candles scented with plant-based essential oils like our own signature Plandles

Shifting to more sustainable holiday traditions is easier than you might think, and the good news is you don’t have to do it alone. Asking loved ones for what they need, focusing on shared experiences over products, and bringing joy to gift giving creates a world where we all can thrive.