Peperomia Green


Peperomia obtusifolia or the baby rubber plant is from the pepper family. A versatile plant that can sustain a bit of abuse and has minimalist waxy spoon like leaves. 

These plants have semi-succulent properties, which means that they are able to store moisture in their fleshy stems or leaves to fall back on when needed. These are ‘easy to care’ for plants with an extensive variety. They can also easily be propagated just from a leaf cutting.

Care and Maintenance

Over-watering is the main cause of serious problems with Peperomia. So let the top soil get fully dry before watering. It can handle medium light but will do great in bright rooms. 

This plant is safe for pets.

Note: We usually get a few different variants of this particular plant, so in some cases the plant you buy may not fully resemble the photos in color and size.