Agave Victoria Reginae Variegated

Rare 'Golden Princess' - Agave Victoria Reginae Variegated

Agave victoria-reginae variegata is indigenous to Northern Mexico. Agave species are used to make tequila, pulque, and mezcal, while others are valued for their fibers. They are very slow growing. It develops a dense rosette of thick and stiff dark green leaves with a yellow margin and narrow white lines running through them.

Succulents are a group of plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions. While they do need water to survive, they can endure extended periods of drought. 

Care and Maintenance

Keep it in a very bright place (direct sun if possible), and water only once the soil is fully dry. It is extremely drought-resistant but prefers monthly irrigation and well-draining soil. The Queen Victoria agave develops a tighter form when watered sparingly. Avoid watering during the winter seasons.

What's included

- Plant
- Plant care and repotting instruction cards
- 6" hand-painted terracotta pot & saucer (if ordered)
- Dehydrated soil wafer is included with pot

This plant is not safe for pets.