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Your 6-Month Plant Care Program.

Green your space with ease. Our 6-month collection provides the optimal structure for your journey into plant parenting. Just like in nature, everything has a cycle of beginning and end—Over the years, we’ve learned that 6 months is the ideal period for new plant parents to establish their houseplants and build lasting plant care habits without getting overwhelmed.

Our subscription is designed as a program to put your plant-related anxieties at ease. Each month, we send new varieties and teach you all about repotting, propagating and grooming your plants. We provide the guidance so you can stay focused on the best part: tending to your new green babes.

Depending on which version of the plan you choose, you’ll receive one plant with a 6" clay pot and saucer. Occasionally, we will send fun exercises along with planting tools or accessories.



Your first plant will ship immediately. We ship plants Nationwide and shipping costs are included with this plan. Plants are sensitive creatures, and we have many years of experience packing each kit with a lot of care. All packages are sent through USPS or UPS. For our New York customers we offer a very economical (and social) option of Pick-Up from our Williamsburg showroom - Horti PLAY. Please check our FAQs for more details on shipping and pickup.


Pot options

Choose from our signature hand-painted white terracotta pot, or get a different color pot each month (currently 4 colors available). For a more economical option, we also have a standard unpainted terracotta pot as an option.


Subscription Cut-Off

New subscription cut-off for the month is the 25th, so if you subscribe after that, your first plant will be considered for the following month.



This subscription cannot be cancelled during the 6 months, but it will automatically expire after 6 months and you won't be charged again. If you’re not ready to commit long-term, we recommend choosing our month-to-month subscription.


Note regarding pet-friendly plants: 

We have crosschecked each plant species with ASCPA's library of non-toxic plants, and rest assured, none of them will cause any harm if ingested. But please be advised that even though a plant is non-toxic, the consumption of any plant material may still cause vomiting and gastrointestinal upset for dogs and cats. If you need more information, please visit here