Calathea Pinstripe

Calathea Pinstripe, the original Pink princess ;)

Calathea ornata is distinctively recognizable because of it's dark green leaves and thin pink stripes.

Calathea varieties include some of the most stunning tropical foliage plants in the world and are often confused with their close relative Maranta or the “prayer plant”. These plants grow on the bed of the tropical forest and have large leaves to catch the dripping water from trees.

Care and Maintenance

These beautiful plants are a tad bit high maintenance about their water intake--they do fine with tap, but prefer filtered water. Try and avoid the leaves when watering and keep the soil a tiny bit moist. It likes moderate to high light, but no direct sun.

What's included

- Plant
Plant care and repotting instruction cards
6" hand-painted terracotta pot & saucer (if ordered)
Dehydrated soil wafer is included with pot


This plant is safe for pets. This plant is not a beginner plant.

Note: Pinstripes vary a tiny bit in size and color and may not look exactly like the photo.