Edible Herbs Grow Kit

A Delicious Window Garden

While our primary focus is helping plant parents keep their plants alive, we also want to share the gift and gratification of growing fresh herbs and blooms with you. After researching the best and easiest varieties of greens that you can grow in your window garden, we chose to work with Hudson Valley Seed Co. to help us with this mission. They are a values-driven seed company that practices and celebrates responsible seed production and stewardship. Much of their seeds are produced in their certified organic farm in upstate New York.

This kit contains - 

1. Thai Basil, Chives and Mint Seeds

2. Three Hand painted 4" terracotta pots with saucers

3. Three peat moss pots and dehydrated soil discs

About the herbs: 

Thai Basil - When a sprig of Thai Basil lands on your taste buds, it's hard to sum up that flavor in one word. The herb is a mingling of sweet and spicy woven with anise and mint. But there's always something else, deeper in the flavor profile, that lends this basil its magic. It's not surprising, then, that over the centuries basil has been associated with legends and deities. We are grateful that it is still with us today, like ancient Thai scrolls come to life, imparting its mythical flavor to our favorite stir fries and curries.

Chives - A patch of chives delights all of the senses. The sight, smell, touch, and taste of chives even the sound of the hollow stems popping open when snapped in half, all are full of intense energy. Soft spines return vividly early in spring. Soon after, delicate buds form, their pale hoods veiling the soon-to-be orbs of dense purple spikes that burst open like supernovas. Edible, ornamental, and perennial, these hardy culinary clusters are an easy and essential part of every kitchen garden.

Mint - Possessing one of the most potent and recognized aromas in the plant kingdom, mint is a truly magical plant. When grown from seed, it delivers a magical surprise: each plant is slightly different in appearance and flavor profile. In an age like ours when we can control our conditions more than any humans in history, inviting uncertainty into our gardens gives us a chance to let go and find gratitude for whatever manifests, especially when we trust that whatever manifests is going to be delicious.

Important note: Growing plants from seeds can seem intimidating, but it is not that difficult. If you do not succeed on your first try, please do not give up, as each bag comes with plenty of seeds to experiment with.