Marimo Kit

Marimo means “seaweed ball” in Japanese. It’s a species of filamentous green algae that grows about 5mm per year. It is commonly believed that these mystical aquatics can easily live 100+ years!

Marimo moss balls are found in a small number of fresh water lakes in Japan, Scotland, Iceland and Estonia. The round shape of the marimo is maintained by gentle wave action that occasionally turns it. Marimo are very easy to care for and require very little maintenance.

What's in our Marimo Kit:
- 2 Marimo balls (approx 1" - 1.25")
- Glass jar with cork lid
- Small bag of pebbles
- Plant care card

Large vintage - 3"dia x 7"h
Small cylinder - 2.5"dia x 5"h

A note regarding zebra mussels: Our Marimo vendor follows extensive cleaning and quarantining process, and their inventory has been inspected multiple times by the FWS. We have been assured that there are no instances of live zebra mussels in them and they are very safe to ship.