Potted Jungle (NYC only)

Potted Jungle NYC is the perfect way to instantly add greenery to your New York apartment! Get these perfectly curated bundles that come with two large and three smaller plants. The low-light / hard to kill pack is perfect for newbies, travelers, or apartments with hard light conditions. The pet-friendly pack has species that have been cross-checked with the ASCPA's library of non-toxic plants and requires medium to bright light conditions.

What's in each mini jungle

1. Two 8" plants in a standard clay pot and saucer, about 20” high. 
2. Three 6" plants in hand-painted horti white pots with saucers
3. Care cards to keep your plants happy and healthy

Low light plant varieties

Sansevieria, ZZ, Peperomia, Pothos and Dracaena.

Pet friendly varieties

Fern, Calathea, Peperomia, and Stromanthe/Maranta.

Notes: Only available within our NYC delivery zones. It takes us 5-7 days to process this order, and plant varieties may vary sometimes depending on availability from our growers.