Preventative care and personalized advice for any plant that you have received from Horti, plus the power of Resurrection. We will replace your plant if it cannot be saved despite our guidance and your best efforts. Please review our terms carefully before purchasing this plan.

Important terms for Resurrection:

Our goal here is to intervene and troubleshoot at the first stages of illness. If that doesn't work, we will 100% replace your plant.

  • Plant Resurrection™ only covers plants that you received from Horti within 10 days of plan activation. Any plants received more than 10 days prior to purchase of this plan are not covered. 
  • Rare plants are not covered under this insurance plan. These are plants being specifically sold under our rare plant collection, or under our rare plant subscription.
  • Your plant(s) must be in a healthy condition at the time of starting this plan. 
  • Replacement can only be issued for a plant that has been previously diagnosed by our plant doctor. 
  • You must reach out to with a photo of your plant and a brief description of the issue you are having at the first sign of trouble. If your first photo shows significant damage (such as mostly dead or mostly browning/yellowing leaves), we cannot replace the plant. 
  • Additional questions about your plant's environment will be needed to give you the best advice.
  • Care and replacement can only be provided while your plan is active with us.
  • This plan covers one plant replacement per month.
  • There are no additional fees and shipping is included in the cost of your insurance.