Ficus Elastica Rubber variegated

Vibrant variegata

Ficus Tineke and Ruby are variegated varieties of the commonly found rubber plant (Ficus Elastica Burgundy), with beautiful pink tint in the leaves.

These plants are native to tropical rainforests of South-east Asian and South American region. In their native environments they can grow as big as 50-100 feet high as trees. Early Aztecs waterproofed their clothing and made their own shoes from the sap of this plant and in some regions it is still used in the modern process of making rubber. 

These plants make for a great houseplant and do well in bright rooms. They are tolerant of dry environments, but are a bit finicky about sudden temperature changes.

Care and Maintenance

Keep them in a bright room with indirect sunlight. Let the soil dry-out fully before watering as this plant doesn't like to sit in wet soil. Wipe the leaves once in a while to keep the waxy thick surface looking lustrous!

What's included

- Plant
- Plant care and repotting instruction cards
- 6" hand-painted terracotta pot & saucer (if ordered)
- Dehydrated soil wafer is included with pot


This plant is not safe for pets.